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ROCKWOOL® Acoustic Slab is a high quality semi-rigid insulating slab, suitable for metal and timber frame partition walls. It is easy to fit and provides excellent acoustic and thermal performance as well as fire protection. The product consists of a resin bonded semi-rigid slab. Advantages 
  • Excellent acoustic absorption 
  • Simple and fast installation 
  • Optimum dimensions to suit stud partitions 
  • Non-combustible (Euroclass A1) 
  • No sagging or slumping 
ROCKWOOL® Acoustic Slab achieves excellent thermal and acoustic performance and provides fire resistance for framed separating walls in domestic and commercial buildings. 

Lana di vetro Knauf EKOVETRO P - M - R Ekovetro R - Rotolo in lana di vetro Knauf ed Ekovetro P - M  in Pannelli in lana di vetro Knauf ,conformi alla norma UNI EN 13162, prodotto con ECOSE® Technology (resina di origine vegetale, priva di formaldeide, a basso impatto ambientale).

ECOSE® Technology è una tecnologia basata su una resina priva di formaldeide, rivoluzionaria, nuova e di origine vegetale che crea una nuova generazione di prodotti per l’isolamento. Questo processo porta ad un colore naturale senza aggiunta di coloranti artificiali.

Impieghi, Campo d’applicazione.Isolamento termo-acustico di pareti, contropareti e controsoffitti realizzati con il sistema a secco.Per le modalità di istallazione e per i rapporti di prova, fare riferimento alla documentazione tecnica Knauf ed al Settore Tecnico.


FIBRANgyps is a wide range of natural gypsum-based products, suitable for all dry wall system, the best solution for interiors of houses, offices and all types of building where people congregate, such as schools, shops, airports, hospitals, hotels, etc.

The versatility of dry systems can solve many design requirements changing  characteristics, numbers and thickness of the boards, types and size of structure and  inserting insulating materials. Depending on the project you want to make (horizontal or vertical) and performance requirements you can combine the components of the system in order to realize the attractive features of the modern interior. 
It would be impossible without the unique properties of gypsum: 
  • fire protective 
  • sound insulating     
  • humidity resistant  
  • thermal insulator when combined with insulation material 
  • impact resistant   
  • easy to install and to dismantle     
  • aesthetic 
  • environment friendly